Hablemos, escritoras.

The Animal Days

Keila Vall de la Ville · Katakana · 2021 · 218 pp

Desde Estados Unidos · Novela

The Animal Days, the long-awaited translation of Keila Vall de la Ville’s Los días animales, winner of the 2018 International Latino Book Award.

A woman’s story of movement as a both a lifestyle and a rite of passage, The Animal Days follows Julia’s journey of love and rock-climbing across three continents. In this fast-paced novel, joy is linked to self-destruction, love is inseparable from death, freedom is twinned with unbearable solitude, and life is worth only as much as a given moment. The taste for risk and vertigo never stop: they feed each other as the abyss approaches. Julia, determined to never look back, lives perpetually on the brink, even if it means shedding her own skin in the process