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Minireseña. Texas. The Great Theft (Deep Vellum, 2014) por Carmen Boullosa

Adriana Pacheco · 03/11/2023

Texas has been a territory, a country, a state of two countries, a land of stories of migration, invasion, and war. Carmen Boullosa in Texas. The Great Theft, writes a beautiful and sensible book that recovers the war of 1859 between Mexico and Texas. A book full of adventures and rich characters like Mexican ranchers and Texas Rangers, Comanches and cowboys, German socialists, runaway slaves, Southern belles and dancehall girls takes us to the hot and dry texan landscape and one of the most fascinating and complex border between two countries. Samantha Schnee, Words Without Borders, translates this book book  full of "rulfanian" voices to English under Deep Velum publishing house.