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LLILAS / 2022 Lozano Long Conference Adriana Pacheco Roldán and Community Building. Ashley Garcia.

Brenda Ortiz y NOT EVEN PAST · 02/25/2022

If I had to describe Dr. Adriana Pacheco Roldán’s academic career and contributions with one keyword, it would be comunidad (community). I chose this word for various reasons. To start, the term can be used to describe the digital and academic spaces that Dr. Pahecho Roldán has carved out for people who share similar interests. It also communicates the significance she ascribes to creating such unity. Finally, I also chose comunidad because this is the first word that came to my mind when I discovered Hablemos Escritoras. Dr. Pacheco Roldán will talk more about this project at the 2022 Lozano Long Conference.