Hablemos, escritoras.


Ana María Shua · Literal Publishing · 2020 · 280 pp

Desde Estados Unidos · Novela · Traducción

Guido and Esmé are a young and perhaps idealistic couple when an atrocious dictatorship settles in Argentina. It begins to decimate others as young as them. Although they are not militants, the death of Esmé's sister triggers their decision to leave the country. Once in Paris, they become Sudacas as Parisians like to refer to people from Latin Americans. They manage to survive, though. A few years later, the couple returns to their country and begin the search for a pregnancy that is not easy. When Esmé finally manages to conceive and give birth to Natalia, she feels that there is no other baby more beautiful, more intelligent, more wonderful in the world. But soon some signs appear in your daughter's character that are confusing at first, only to become terrifying later. Ana María Shua alternates the haunting story of a mother and her daughter with the construction diary of that story. In both, reality and fiction are two sides of the same bizarre coin. Daughter is, without a doubt, one of the best novels by one of the best contemporary Argentine writers.