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Women of Fire and Snow: Short Stories

Nati del Paso · BookBaby · 2021 · 250 pp

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Narrativa · Periodismo

Women of Fire and Snow is a riveting collection of contemporary stories of women straddling the Mexican-American border while finding their place and voice. Cultural identity, gender violence, forced migration, sacrifice, love, and resiliency frame suspenseful tales where realism is tempered by the supernatural and mystical. An undocumented teenager is ripped from her home to fight a monster in a haunted town. A college student confronts evil when ICE detains her father. While rescuing her nephew at the border, a young woman wrestles with her privilege and the power of Santa Muerte. A curandera battles a demon while her granddaughter confronts her violent husband. A young Chicana from Seattle travels to Mexico, plunging into a secret society to combat rampant femicide. From the deserts and volcanoes of Mexico to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, these fast-paced stories blend social commentary with classic and psychological horror.