Hablemos, escritoras.

The curse of Eve and other stories

Liliana Blum · Host Publications · 2008 · 159 pp


Contiene los cuentos: “A New Faith”, “The Book Can Still Be Mended”, “Bride Wanted”, “Better Halves”, “God Bless Ron Jeremy”, “The Debutante”, “Requiem for a Cherub”, “The Hours of the Morning”, “The Scorpion of Almond”, “Cookie Monster”, “A Perfect Day for Canned Tuna”, “Bacon and Eggs”, “The Avon Lady”, “Fish Without a Bicycle”, “The Canary”, “Periquita Shoes”, “That First Time”, “Stalin’s Wife”, “Three Frosted Owls”, “I’ll Play the Piano in a Wedding Dress”, “Appointment with a Pig in the Library”, “A Model Kit”, “To Adorn the Saints”, “A Sip of Light”, “Kisses on the Forehead”, “Peaches”, “Lazarus” y “The Curse of Eve”.